Gone Girl

19th February 2021 I sat at my desk wondering if this was what life was going to be, tirelessly working all day while the mind is flooded with gloom and fear of leading a life riddled with mediocrity and desire to be more than just what I was. I feared that if I stopped working […]

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In Memory of Ram

People often think that since I’m able to pen down these sentences without much hesitation I don’t have a lingering fear of being criticized for having an opinion. I do have a fear, but the fear isn’t that upon reading my work the people who disagree with it would forge a movement and wipe my […]

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Animal Farm: Satire at Its finest

Context: I recommend you read the book before you read this article because it spoils the book in a major manner. I wouldn’t care much though because if you know your basic Russian Revolution history, this story is already spoiled for you. Most of you might feel confused if you blindly read this without knowing […]

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Poem: Love Affair

Hey there people, this is a little poem about my first love affair. I think a lot of us will relate. I don’t remember a specific moment in timeWhen I locked my eyes on a book or a rhymeBut to be fair to myselfIt was an early ageWhen books had replaced my childhood days I […]

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